humbl Cloud develops innovative and easy-to-use Web and mobile-based services for community organizations and groups. We also provide consulting services in the areas of non-profit IT management, software development, database management, and systems integration.




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The company is a limited liability company registered in the state of New York.

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an agency-based service for directly linking Participants and Workers

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humbLink is in its absolutely final stages of testing and will be available very soon! Please use the Contact Us form below to request an announcement from us when it’s formally introduced.

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Explicitly built for organizations providing community-based services, humbLink allows Participants (or their Advocates) to connect directly with Workers to schedule Appointments. Participants make Asks for services while Workers create Offers. Either party can initiate the Appointment process, which links available Asks and Offers through just a few simple “taps” on a smartphone. The receiving party gets a Notification on their phone of a newly proposed Appointment and can accept or decline immediately. humbLink becomes the “middleperson” for handling scheduling, a notoriously time-intensive task for busy program managers.

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a Web application for organizations with complex training needs

curricula is a Web-based application offered as a service that excels in making training operations manageable for organizations that have employees working in multiple jobs across multiple funding streams that have varying regulatory requirements. As staff move in and out of various jobs within an organization, curricula can effortlessly recalculate the impact on required training, thus alleviating a lot of tedious and complex manual work.

a brief overview of curricula

a full self-paced demonstration

Benefits of Using curricula

A Complete Walk-Through of the Basic curricula Functionality

This series of videos will walk you through the key concepts of curricula so as to give you a better understanding of what goes into making the application work. It is designed so that you can work through it at your own pace. If after viewing it you have remaining questions about curricula, please do not hesitate to get in touch with us.

1. A brief introduction to curricula and this self-paced demonstration

2. An overview of what is meant by "Software as a Service"

3. An explanation of Constituent records, which are central to curricula

4. Instructions on how to model your organizational structure in curricula.

5. Information on how personnel data is stored in curricula

6. How to understand the most important data element in curricula

7. An explanation of how to store course information

8. Insights into the types of curricula that can be stored and how they should be set up

9. Pulling everything together to derive the true benefit of using curricula

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sharing the learning from decades of award-winning technology leadership in non-profit human services

The strength of humbl's consulting services is built on our having deep knowledge of and experience with both back office business operations and modern technologies and being able to identify critical points at which creative use of the latter can be used to greatly streamline the former. We have a special expertise in the unique operations of non-profit human service organizations. Our work over decades in systems optimization and integration has resulted in such organizations minimizing their administration and overhead rates so as to faciliate the maximization of scarce resources that can be applied to services central to the organization's mission.

We have managed and delivered projects that run the gamut in terms of scope. We have produced releatively simple tools, albeit ones that deliver exceptional value, all the way to enterprise level software in excess of a million lines of code. The primary value we see ourselves delivering is, again, our ability to take a deep understanding of business challenges and marry that to innovative technology solutions that are both highly reliable and easy to use.

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